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BC Conference is an administrative and service-delivery body of The United Church of Canada. We provide staff, finances, advice, advocacy and programming resources to 10 presbyteries, 200+ congregations, hundreds of ministry personnel and numerous ministries in British Columbia including camps, social service agencies, housing and care facilities, chaplaincies, hospitals and educational centres.

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Critical Conversations: Leadership, Governance and Ministry

Start Date: 
Nov 5 2016 - 9:30am - 3:30pm

Congregations thrive when lay and professional leaders lead as partners, and a fruitful partnership requires clear understandings about how decisions will be made.

This event offers specific process congregations can use to design and test new ways of decision making. It helps leaders to build boards that delegate effectively, demand high performance, require sound stewardship, and reflect continually on mission and purpose at board meetings and in wider gatherings. It supports a purpose-driven work environment for clergy, staff and volunteers, so that they enjoy appropriate autonomy and space for creative work.

Critical Conversations: Leadership, Governance and Ministry is a workshop that will help ministers, boards and councils make a positive impact on your congregations’ governance and ministry. Facilitated by Dan Hotchkiss, formerly with the Alban Institute, is a nationally known consultant in this area. We invite you to come as individuals or register your entire Board/Council and your minister to be part of this amazing training Event!

Cost: $25 (incl. lunch), Congregations of five or more: $100
Register online.

Saturday, November 5, 2016 at Highlands United Church, North Vancouver, BC

Shift Together! Leadershift event

Start Date: 
Oct 4 2016 (All day) - Oct 6 2016 (All day)

Being a leader in ministry can be a lonely endeavor. Sometimes what's needed is a little extended connection time with other leaders from different contexts to support, listen, brainstorm, learn, dream and pray. Designed to be an efficient use of con-ed money, your 2.5 days spent at Shift Together! will provide that elusive networking time. Our time together will provide worship, prayer and reflection time. A few participants will offer workshops to teach something new and there will be lots of connecting and brainstorming time, both formal and informal.

Bethlehem Retreat Centre on Vancouver Island will be the location of this new event providing a space of rejuvenation and relationship building. Dates are October 4-6, 2016 and cost $150.00. Space is limited, so register now!

Leadership will be from within the gathered community, and we are inviting people to offer workshops. Workshop leaders will attend the event at no cost, and will be free to participate in other workshops, and in the program when not in leadership. Please submit your workshop proposals to the planning team via bwolff [at] bc [dot] united-church [dot] ca (email) by September 9.

Set some time aside for this brand new experimental event, and let’s Shift Together!

If you have questions about this event, please contact the chair of planning committee, john [dot] wray [at] hotmail [dot] com (Rev. John Wray) or Leadershift, tduncan [at] bc [dot] united-church [dot] ca (Treena Duncan.)

Native Ministry - Discernment Retreat

Start Date: 
Sep 20 2016 (All day) - Sep 22 2016 (All day)

You will have an opportunity to explore your call to native ministry in community. To learn about the different streams of native ministries and to understand the denominational process in the United Church of Canada. To Register email bwolff [at] bc [dot] united-church [dot] ca ( Brenda Wolff) or call her at 1 (800) 934-0434 Ext 308 or online.

Taking place at Knox United Church in Terrace, led by BC Conference.






Celebration of Ministry 2016

Start Date: 
Jun 4 2016 - 1:30pm

The Celebration of Ministry worship service for this year in BC Conference was held on June 4, 2016.

Watch the Celebration of Ministry! 
The service was live streamed and continues to be available here for viewing and downloading. 

This service is usually held at the General Meeting of BC Conference except in those years (like 2016) when there is no General Meeting.  Eleven people were ordained or recognized as Designated Lay Ministers.  Preaching was the Rev. Dr. Keith Howard of Victoria.

Update from the Naramata Centre Society board

The Naramata Centre Society Board is working hard to develop the future direction for the Centre and ensure the Centre is safe and well cared for.  We are in a period of transition and discernment over what the future will be for Naramata Centre. 

This fall we engaged with people who care about the Centre during work weekends at the Centre and in communities across BC and Alberta. We heard many great ideas and some consistent themes started to emerge.

Many believe the Centre, as a place of spiritual nurture and renewal still holds true; a place for education, personal growth and transformation with strong connections to the United Church.

There were 20 public sessions and a number of individual submissions. Over 270 people participated providing us with valuable feedback about a possible future for Naramata Centre. 

42nd General Council

The 42nd General Council of The United Church of Canada took place August 8-14, 2015 in Corner Brook, Newfoundland at the Grenfell Campus of Memorial University and the Corner Brook Civic Centre.

What is General Council?

The General Council is a national gathering of 356 delegates called commissioners. Close to 200 guests, observers, youth, children, global partners, staff and volunteers will also be present for the week-long gathering.

Why does General Council happen?

The General Council meets every three years to elect a new Moderator, to pray and worship together, and to approve new church policies. All General Council business reflects the church's deep commitment to concerns of peace and justice, and to God's call to mend the world.

From the 42nd General Council, part of the ongoing work is to conduct the remits arising from the Comprehensive Review.  All the details of these upcoming remits are on the website for the 42nd General Council, including answers to the most frequently asked questions!

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