Archives are moving!

On June 7, 2017, BC Conference entered an agreement with the City of Vancouver to lease office space for the Conference Archives at a location known as “312 Main”.  This is the former site of the Vancouver Police headquarters, at the corner of Cordova and Main.  The facility is currently under renovation, and will offer 1800 square feet of office and storage space for the Archives.  The space will include full environmental controls, and security and reception services will be shared with other tenants.  We will be able to house our entire holdings onsite once again, with some room to grow.

Assuming plans proceed on schedule, the Archives will move to the new location in early September.  The Archives will be closed between July 17th and late September/early October to accomplish the move.

The 312 Main project team describes its vision for the new facility on its website:

We are building a Global Center for Economic and Social Innovation, rooted in Vancouver’s inner city.  312 Main will be home to a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, artists and organizations committed to economic and social democracy, empowering one another – and the neighbourhood they are part of – to thrive. Collectively, we will break down barriers.

Part of this vision is to “set the table” for a rich mix of members who value reconciliation, collaboration, and sharing under one big tent.  The Conference is delighted to be part of this vision, especially in light of the Archives’ continuing role in the work of truth and reconciliation.

For more information on 312 Main, visit: