Contemplative Justice in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council

For more information about justice initiatives in the Pacific Mountain Regional Council, please visit

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Speak to your congregations! Proportional Representation

BC conference voted to endorse proportional representation in BC. The referendum is coming. Speak to your congregations! Read the full proposal here. Read More

Contemplative Justice Network blog

Read the blog of those involved in the BC Conference Contemplative Justice Network. Read More

Justice Grants available

We would love to discuss how the Contemplative Justice Network can support you. Take a look at the criteria below and see if your project will benefit from support. We know that groups need more than just financial support to make social justice projects a success, which is why in the application we ask you what additional support you may need. Read More

Undivided Leadership Program

Undivided is a program developed by the Contemplative Justice Network to respond to the longing for an integrated life. A life where our inner, spiritual journey and our desire to participate in effective social change can be understood as not only supportive, but essential to each other. This program is a small group (12-25 people) cohort who will gather four times throughout 2019 to explore contemplative social justice. Read More

Basic Refugee Sponsorship Information

The United Church of Canada holds a Sponsorship Agreement with the government of Canada. Under the terms of this agreement congregations can sponsor Visa Office Referred families or work with Syrian Canadians to re-unite their family members. We work through the General Council Office to do this.

It is also possible for United Church congregations to work with what are called “ Groups of Five” Canadians who want to be sponsors. If this is the situation, the “Groups of Five” need to go through a vetting process. In BC this is under the supervision of Heather Macdonald and Maggie Hosgood.

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Unsettling Goods Advent Peace Box

Join congregations across the country in making use of this resource. The Unsettling Goods Advent Peace Box is a practical tool for worship and study. Support peace in Palestine and Israel, and involve all generations in becoming a justice-seeking church.
For more information and to order your Advent Peace Box, visit The United Church of Canada website.
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Syrian Refugee Crisis

How to help:

  • Sponsor a refugee(s)
  • Advocate to MPs for an expedited process for Syrian refugees
  • Offer humanitarian aid in the form of donations

As the Syrian civil war is well into its third year, the number of displaced Syrians continues to grow. Violence in Syria has caused many to flee their homes – in September 2013 the UN reported that 6.5 million Syrians have been displaced with an estimated 2 million fleeing to neighbouring countries. Foreign aid is crucial for maintaining the health and safety of these people.

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Conference Expression of Reconciliation

TRC meetingOn Thursday afternoon, September 19, 2013, Jenny Carter and Jim White made an "Expression of Reconciliation" at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission meeting in Vancouver. Below is the text of what they said.

"Commissioners, elders, survivors and families, friends: I am Jenny Carter, the President of BC Conference of The United Church of Canada, and with me is Jim White, a Co-Chair of our Native Ministries Council.

We recognize that we are meeting on the traditional territories of the Coast Salish nations and we are deeply grateful for their warm, open welcome and hospitality.

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