General Council July 21-28th 2018 - Awesome Opportunity for Youth from BC!

Deadline for applications: November 1/2017.

Contact: Doris Kizinna
Call 1.800.934.0434 in BC, ext. 303 or 604.341.2724 (mobile) or dkizinna [at] bc [dot] united-church [dot] ca (email).

Apply to attend Winter Retreat: February 16-19th, Five Oaks Conference Centre in Ontario. They will also attend the General Council in Oshawa, July 21-28/2018. This Retreat will help to prepare and form the Youth attending Youth Forum at GC 43. At this Retreat, the five youth from BC will gather with five youth from all the other Conferences in Canada.




During summer 2018, the 13 youth commissioners, along with two young adult leaders, will be employed by the General Council to make a pilgrimage across the country to United Church youth events, gatherings, and camps to listen to the dreams and needs of young people. They will also spend some weeks working in their home conference. The whole time of employment will be July 4- August. 24/2018. They will then serve as commissioners at the 42nd General Council in Oshawa, July 21-28/2018.