Communities in Faith Pastoral Charge

Trail and Rossland
Position Title: 
M-PT (20 hours per week)
One-half of the position is providing ministerial support to the pastoral charge. This entails: leading worship once a month; administering sacraments; fostering lay leadership growth in the pastoral charge; and encouragement and mentorship for community in-reach, outreach and connections. The administrative requirements are limited to those required by ‘The Manual’. Weddings and Funerals are beyond this half time commitment and the minister is not required to provide those services. If the minister choses to provide those services the church will provide support for the minister to receive fair compensation for those services. The other half of the position, Community Spiritual Companion (CSC), will be to create, support or guide community connections that will help people of any faith or no faith explore life’s meaning and purpose. This may be done through participation with other faith organizations, membership in social action and community committees, involvement in special events and/or individual companionship. As a companion, guide and fellow seeker (Community Spiritual Companion), this person works collaboratively in the community to promote spiritual well-being which includes love and justice. The goal is to empower others to do the work of theological reflection in their own lives, encouraging wisdom in response to questions of meaning, purpose, and hope for the future. This includes fostering lay leadership growth that links personal spirituality with life in our communities. This description sets the field of spiritual play, recognizing that there is limited time and all steps forward are a success.
Pastoral Charge: 
Communities in Faith Pastoral Charge
Application Deadline: 
Mar 11 2018
Start Date: 
Nov 1 2017
Contact Name: 
Collen Bay
Contact Email: 
pettibay [at] shaw [dot] ca
JNAC/MPS Report: