This is a Conference for Youth, Young Adults, and their Leaders at Stillwood Conference Centre, Cultus Lake from November 6th to 8th. The cost is $270, and includes your travel from anywhere in BC Conference!

We’ll explore sacred spaces and spiritual practice, enjoy amazing meals, time in community, dance, learn, have fun and practice our faith! 

Some words about our theme:

What’s a sacred space anyway? A sacred space allows people to feel reverent, still, safe, celebratory, excited, close to God, loving, super happy, prayerful, open hearted, mindful, at peace, feeling all your feelings, and being in the present moment. A sacred space allows for questions and wonder, a place to stop, wake up and center our hearts on God and on what really matters. A sacred place can be one that people create, like a church or a worship space like the one we create at Evolve or it could be a spot in the natural world that you are drawn to, that the Earth provides us. If we really pay attention we will begin to notice that the sacred is in everyone, everything, every moment, everywhere. Register now!